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Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 združuje nabor ERP in CRM funkcionalnosti v oblaku ter omogoča enostavno integracijo z orodji Office 365 in orodji za poslovno analitiko in inteligenco. Začnite s tem, kar potrebujete za svoje podjetje danes, in dodajajte funkcionalnosti postopoma.

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Go Cloud. Fast. Safe. Secure.

Optimize operations, engage with your customers and empower you employees. Go Cloud.

Don't give up the benefits of Cloud

Cloud delivers improved security, lower and more predictable costs and a broader range of capabilities that support your business. There are 4 competitive advantages that you should simply not give up: 

  • IMPROVE SECURITY AND RELIABILITY - With Microsoft cloud you get a 99,9 % of contractual asurance.
  • REDUCE COST - You only pay what you use when you need it. Simple as that.
  • SHIFT IT TO OPERATIONAL EXPENSES - Free up your IT team to focus on innovation instead of supporting and maintaining existing IT investments.
  • IMPROVE AGILITY AND FLEXIBILITY - Cloud computing allows you to easily add new users and features, so you can expand your business and enter new markets. 

Prednosti poslovanja v oblaku

Poslovanje prinaša veliko prednosti poslovanja v oblaku.

Intuitive interface

Unified look and feel of all Dynamics 365 apps – modern, intuitive user inter- face with customizable, role-based views, personalized feeds, and smart notifications.

Mobile Enabled

Dynamics 365 appa are fully equipped to give users access to its rich functionalities across Windows, iOS and Android desktops, phones, and tablets.

Native intelligence - AI

AI and machine learning capabilities enable more accurate forecasting, next-step recommendations and valuable analytical insights.

Custom business apps

Self-service customization for more advances users. Creation of custom business apps and workflows with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

Business without Silos

As a cloud based business software, Dynamics 365 works seamlessly connected with Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365, Power BI, Microsoft Flow.

Customer evidence

Študija primera | Adria Airways

Rešitev: ERP, CRM | Produkti: Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 | Industrija: Distribution & Logistics

Adria Airways, the Slovenian national airline,  opted for a difficult, but necessary project: renovation of business information system. In the first stage, the project was aimed at implementation of new, integrated business solution. The second...

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Študija primera | Alca

Rešitev: BI | Produkti: Qlik | Industrija: Retail & FMCG

Thanks to numerous advanced features of the new BI solution, Alca Trading managed to significantly increase efficiency and sales realization. Implementation first started with collection of data from multiple data sources, and continued...

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Študija primera | Almex

Rešitev: ERP, BI | Produkti: Dynamics NAV, Qlik | Industrija: Retail & FMCG

Before the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, the ERP solution of Almex Group consisted of a large number of independent software for various business tasks. A number of business operations was not...

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